Only the preparation of curricula 17.3 million zł. They have come up with measures of the operational program POWER. With him also to be funded teacher training – including the Ministry wants to earmark 1.1 billion zł. 270 million zł will cost digitization schools, which implements the Ministry of Education together with the Ministry of Cyfryzacji.Główny cost of the reform, however, the Ministry flips on local governments, especially municipalities. They will have to bear the costs of restructuring the school network so that they were in the eight-powszechniaki instead sześcioklasowych elementary and three-year junior high. Local authorities recall that the same thing happened in 1999.

When the system was introduced to secondary schools. Since that time, the municipality issued 130 billion zł their budowę.Szkoły will have to change the status in numbers, will be needed for further investments. Any change in school-aged children is also another cost. You can consider it a trivial matter, but the institutions have yet to adjust furniture. Barely finished buy smaller chairs and benches for six-year olds, and will again provide a greater – for 13- and 14-year-olds – highlights Marek Pleśniar of the National Association of Managers and Executives Oświaty.Według assumptions ministries municipalities and counties will have to find money for further training of teachers . This is to be 1 percent. personnel costs – or more than 300 million zł.

Teachers have to retrain, to be able to undertake other tasks in schools than just teaching, for example, according to estimates of the Ministry is to arrive in this way 900 advisors zawodowych.Jednak municipalities are also waiting savings. The plan involves combining MEN middle schools with primary schools, which means relief for approx. 7.5 thousand. the first directors of these schools. According to the data service average salary headmaster is hw helper 5.6 thousand. zł gross, which means a year for municipalities 500 million zł more in their budgets. And this is not the end of the exemptions. We estimate that the liquidation of each high school work will have to say goodbye to the director, one person from the administration and one teacher.

Is a conservative calculation – says Kaszulanis. Slightly counting, yet another 500 million zł savings rocznie.Możliwość redundancies may be one of the real causes of the liquidation of middle schools. MEN Calculations show that at the current expenditure on education can not afford to maintain these schools. Since the school year 2005/6 the number of students steadily declining, falling by approx. 33 percent. In the school year 2016/17.

At the same time the number of posts of teachers decreased in the same period by 13 per cent., And the number of junior high schools in each year was greater than in the previous – enumerated minister.W future changes will be big winners counties. When the reform is now complete, their cash will fall by 1.7 billion zł more, because it will result in a longer school year. Zalewska minister does not hide that it was one of the objectives of the reform. We save districts whose finances are in a catastrophic state – said, presenting the assumptions change. Read more „I have three children, each taught by a different schema.

How can experiment ?!“ Confession angry parent Contributed to this also additional posts in schools and kindergartens units, as well as tightening the rules which apply from 1 January 2018. Resort Education last year assumed that if the number of teachers on leave for health reasons will decrease by 25 percent. savings on this account will amount to 68 million in 2018 zł. 137 million zł, and in subsequent years. Resort also estimates that local governments will have less expenses in connection with the elongation of 10 to 15 years of professional advancement of teachers. As a result, next year have thus save 23 million zł, and the next five years – more than 2.8 billion zł. Less data chorująZ Education Information System, which reached the DGP, that at 30 September 2018. Number of teachers using sick leave was 10 583.

As a result, we have to deal with a fall of 2.3 thousand. people compared with the previous year in the same period. According to some experts that a big change is the aftermath of the Act of 27 October 2017. On the financing of educational tasks (OJ item. 2203), which in the Charter of the teacher introduced a provision assumes that a sick leave prescribed by a doctor of occupational medicine, not the first contact . Others add that the decline in the number affected by a better situation on the labor market of search and teachers, and not the desire to release. – Both causes are also important. Sealing of this benefit was very important, because even last year was enough to go and say that it feels professionally and spent already receiving such benefits. After sealing the law this argument is not convincing for the occupational physician who specializes in occupational diseases – says Marek Olszewski, the governor of Torun, President of the Union of Rural Communes of the Republic of Poland. – Last year, as a result of the reform more people were at risk of losing their jobs. Currently, due to the situation on the labor market release of the teachers are incidental, and this is also not conducive to running away on sick leave – adds Olszewski.

Read more Teacher beats in the Polish school: Prussian model, which still holds fast to [INTERVIEW DZIENNIK.PL] is better, but … From the survey conducted by the DGP emerges a picture similar to the aggregate data provided by the Ministry of Education with regard to sick leave. For example, in Bydgoszcz in the previous year this privilege have used 274 teachers, currently about 34 people less. An even greater decline recorded Lublin. There, on 30 September 2017. Benefited from the provision of 199 people and including 68 less. In the City Hall in Gdansk also decreased the number of people on leave for health reasons – from 264 to 190 people.

However, according to the proportion of trade unionists benefiting from this provision it is not constant. – This year, teachers often went to the compensation and retirement benefits, and no sick leave. The ongoing witch-hunt led to many people, despite ill health not decided on such a provision – says Slawomir Broniarz, president of the Polish Teachers‘ Union. – This decline is not due to the fact that teachers no longer run on holidays for health reasons or as a result of tightening up provisions. With this law used by teachers whose health makes it difficult to perform their profession, and this year these people is simply less and so – he added. Read more Ultimate Teaching flu. Teachers, like police officers, they want to go on sick leave other governments to calculate calculations MEN savings on very skeptical approach. So far their budgets on sick leave was spent on average about 550 million zł. – Although the number of teachers on them staying definitely decreased, the success of the seal will tell you after a few years – says Marta Stachowiak, a spokesman for the Office of the City Bydgoszczy.Potwierdza that are large savings for the authority conducting, but can not be excluded that part of the teacher rather than leave remains at L-4. – Indeed sealing system sick leave resulting in savings already this year – adds Mirosław Jarosiński, deputy director of the Department of Education of the City of Lublin.

Local governments do not have to pay because the person uses the base salary with an annual break from work. In addition, they do not have to take her place to hire another teacher replacements. – But it is still too early to determine whether and how the changes will bring real savings. However, it is expected that in the coming years, local governments will bear less spending on tasks related to career advancement and leave for health teachers – says Jacek Janusiewicz of the education department of the City Hall in Siedlce. However, as notes Marek Wojcik from the Association of Polish Cities, although in the longer term, governments will save the extended promotion, it now will have to pay more. – That far nobody sees, because internships last for several years, but just before changes in career advancement much more people than usual decided to acquire another degree. And that means for us a real increase in spending in the future – warns. – I do not think that in the coming years, the city reduced spending on the implementation of educational tasks. Expenditure related to career advancement is only a small fraction of the total education spending – says Halina Gawin turn-Majewska, director of education, culture and sport of the City of Legnica. – Implementation of the provisions on inclusive education, organizing psychological and pedagogical assistance for students with the rulings and opinions resulted in a significant increase in costs for the implementation of educational tasks – lists Halina Gawin-Majewska.A assessment Grzegorz Kryger, deputy director of the department for social development. Education in the Municipal Office Gdansk, extension of the promotion is an attempt to find the money for the Ministry of education announced increases in teachers‘ salaries.

Read more teacher’s salary will increase from a vending machine. But no longer get fourteen Public consultations on the draft MEN ws. The list of required reading for high school and technical school will last until August 18. The project as a compulsory reading lists, among others, Marek Nowakowski songs, Andrzej Stasiuk and Olga Tokarczuk; It is not among selected poems of Czeslaw Milosz. Importantly, the Nobel Prize winner name was on the list published by the ministry at the end of April.

LIST OF READING read more in high school, basic and extended range. A complete list of required reading list for students and additional 4-year-old high school and a 5-year technical part of the curriculum for language polskiego.Do attention so far has sent only Marshal’s Office – requested adding to the list of required reading Milosz’s works and the „Stores cinnamon „Bruno Schultza.Miłosz appears and disappears … According to the announcement of the Ministry, the draft core curriculum for high schools and technicians extracted content that all students should learn, regardless of the profile of the class in which they learn, and the ‚extension‘ . Therefore, in the core curriculum to the Polish language were required reading list and complementary for all students and a list of required reading and supplementary to those who will implement the program rozszerzony.Właściwe consultations and arrangements preceded prekonsultacje. As a result, there were, among others, changes in the proposed school reading list. Including reduced the number of required reading – including no „Cloud“ Arystofenesa, fragments of „Confessions“ of St.. Augustine, fragments of „holy Lives“, „Prince“ Niccolo Machiavelli and selected rows Czesława Miłosza. Also reduced the number of rows of Cyprian Kamil Norwid.

Was added for the selected rows and Kazimiery Iłłakowiczówna Jarosława make Rymkiewicz. The new core curriculum for secondary schools will be in force from the school year 2019/2020 in the class of 4-year-old high school, technical school 5-year-old and 2-year-old secondary school industry. MEN provides Milosz will be – can not imagine the new core curriculum for secondary schools without the work of Czeslaw Milosz! Czeslaw Milosz as a Polish poet and Nobel Prize winner is guaranteed a place in the curriculum. Czeslaw Milosz’s work will be entered into the final design of the curriculum for secondary schools at the basic level – PAP reported on Wednesday, the press office of the Ministry. Resort recalled that a draft of the curriculum is still consulted. – The new core curriculum for primary schools listed were selected poems of Czeslaw Milosz and other poets on the list of required reading to discuss with the students of classes IV-VI of primary school – added resort.KontrowersjeInformacja about the disappearance of Czeslaw Milosz’s name from the list of required reading for high schools sparked an avalanche and comments tremendous criticism of the Ministry of Education. Quickly became one of the most popular topics, which were discussed in social media.

On Day book lovers hearing that was removed from the base software Miłosza. Well, the poet remembers. „You can kill him, born the new“ Agnieszka Gozdyra .- (@AGozdyra) 9 August 2017 / ** / / ** / Delete Milosz from the school curriculum is logical. PIS to stay in power very long time, must raise kretynów.- Tomasz Lis (@lis_tomasz) 9 August 2017 / ** / / ** / Remove Nobel Prize winners of the schools is 100% Russia, but it will do Milosz legend +100. Ideological rats nibbling leg giganta.- Marcin Kwasniewski (@SekretarzXXL) 9 August 2017 / ** / / ** / Home Government Legislation Center, which hung consulted on the project – already without Miłosz’s work on the reading list – stopped working. Read more Świetlicki not want to be on the reading list: I live yet and have the opportunity to protest After the 1999 reform.

And followers behind changes in core curriculum in primary schools appeared in Nature. In grades four to six replaced the former geography, biology, physics and chemię.Projektowane by the Ministry of changes to restore these items. The transitional provisions but there is no word about what will happen to the teachers of nature. And if the Ministry does not change the bill, you may find that they first receive a notice. Trade unions estimate that as a result of the reorganization lose his job 38 thousand. teachers. Educators studying wildlife throughout the country is 19 thousand.

Read more side-effects of the revolution in the education system. GROWING LIST OF HAZARDS shown in the project by the Ministry of framework curricula nature is only in the fourth grade. Children will be taught her for two hours a week. Later, in the fifth grade, this item will replace geography, biology and physics, and in the seventh additionally takes chemistry. – Do teachers acquire by law the right to teach in primary school biology and geography? – Slawomir Wittkowicz wonders, President of the Free Trade Union „Solidarity Education“. We tried to contact on this issue with the Ministry.

We did not get answers to pytanie.Według regulations of the Minister of Education to teach any subject, the teacher must finish my studies, whose scope coincides with the scope of content that will later teach. This means that the biologist does not have the authority to teach geography. Just as someone who graduated from the direction przyroda.Rozwiązaniem can be fast retraining. Ministry wants the budgets of local governments included additional money for training. Schools, however, it will be easier to employ in place of naturalists teachers from middle schools liquidated, where the items were already allocated. – in a better situation will be those who ended up in nature postgraduate studies.

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