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9. November 2018 um 20:00 – 10. November 2018 um 7:00
12\7 €
Ilija Gavrilenko

Live on Stage :

Twisted Nerve (80s Postpunk\Deathrock Cult UK)

Totenwald (Dark Punk Berlin)

Rio Goldhammer (1919) Solo perfomance

Aftershow Party: Passion of Lovers:

Postpunk, Deathrock, Batcave, Gothic Rock, Guitar Wave, Goth and 80s Punk, GlamRock, Dreampop, Cold Wave, NDW and  Avantgarde.


DJ: Robert Ian Jim (Seifert)

Dj: Woodraff (Bat-cave production, Return to Batcave Festival)

DJ: Ilija (Passion of Lovers, Noise-Noir, Swango Fandango, ex Frank the Baptist)

DJ: Deka Denz (Punks Undead Nürnberg)

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Twisted Nerve from Edinburgh, Scotland are one of the most underrated but one of the best  bands there were.
Started in 1978 as The Insults, the band played full on  back then. First recordings of Twisted Nerve can be heard on the ‘Mint Sauces For The Masses’ comp. 7″ on local label Playlist. The band released another two 7″s, ‘Caught In Session’ and ‘Five Minutes Of Fame’, on which you can hear their transition from punk to a darker sound.
After some line-up changes, the band released the ‘Eyes You Can Drown In’ 12″ on Criminal Damage, followed by the ‘Séance’ mini album, a record they released themselves. Both these records are very hard to find now.

2018 Twisted Nerve brought out their back catalogue and the reissu of all the releases on

In Autumn 2018 Twisted Nerve will an exclussive Show at Passion of Lovers Berlin, playling an unforgetable set will all their hits.

Rio Goldhammer (1919)

Rio Goldhammer was born in London, England, and grew up in Yorkshire. He is a musician best known as the singer for Bradford post-punk band 1919.

Rio completed a BA (Hons) in Cultural Studies and an MA in Political Theory at the University of Leeds, before training as a teacher at the University of Huddersfield. In 2016 Rio started a Carnegie Faculty studentship in Leisure Studies at Leeds Beckett University, where he is also a tutor in Mass Media.

Rio publishes blog pieces on a broad range of subjects relating to art, identity, and politics. His work has been published in Metal Music Studies (Intellect) as well as in international news publications, such as Newsweek and The Independent.

When he isn’t touring, recording, writing music or writing about music, Rio volunteers as a mentor for Arts Emergency.


Totenwald (Dark Punk, Berlin)


Wir freuen uns auf Euch!


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