Twenty Four Hours ♥ Kulturkalender für Berlin empfiehlt:

10. Februar 2018 um 22:00 – 6:00

Totenwald (Dark Punk from Berlin)
Kadeadkas (Post Punk from Cologne)
FOX DEVILS WILD (Wave Punk Berlin)

after show party with Komma and Woodraf (Return To The Batcave Festival Poland / Post Punk, Cold Wave, Goth, 80s,…)

We finally release our first full length album “Dirty Squats & Disco Lights” on Plastic Bomb Mailorder (vinyl) and Bat-Cave Productions (CD). Exactly 4 years ago we have started rehearsing the material which became our debut 12 inch EP “Wrong Place, Wrong Time” which was released in 2016 in cooperation with Mass Media Records and is sold out by now.
Now it’s time to celebrate our new release!
We’re glad to share the stage with two bands that we really like and have played together with already several times and the DJs from the Return To The Batcave crew which gave us the chance to play at their event in 2014, when we were still a completely unknown band, and several times after!

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