Twenty Four Hours ♥ Kulturkalender für Berlin empfiehlt:

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25. Januar 2019 um 23:00 – 26. Januar 2019 um 6:00

Köpi‘s monthly post punk, goth rock and dark wave party in the murky
cellar of Koma F

Open from 23:00 – free entrance.

Hosted by DJ Mana Cerace and DJ Dis/connecto

Nazi goths – fuck off!

the darkness shines

the darkness heaves

hearken! marching boots trampling

through her shrivelled leaves

it‘s time

they‘ll never leave us in peace

nor a piece

time to crackle

bare your teeth

extend your claws

to wail and seethe

time to rally

time to strike back

doom upon their systems

attack! Attack! Attack!


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