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15. Dezember 2018 um 20:00

Qualia presents:

SONS OF AN OLDER COSMOS – An evening of Ritual Musick

The third part of the SOAOC festival series bring the best projects of contemporary european Ritual Musick on stage.


(First time live in Germany)
Alone In The Hollow Garden was conceived in spring 2013 as a Tanz Ohne Musik side project and represents a stylistic returning point to Dan Serbanescu’s musical roots, exploring his old school industrial, dark ambient and ritual sides, all wrapped in a fresh skin. The present soundscapes reveal themselves into a mixture of both synthetic and organic sounds, where the analogue synthesizers are merging with the microphone captured textures, coming from a gamma of wind instruments, improvised percussion, metal springs, all diluted and softened into the same pool of sound.

(First time live in Germany)
In the early 90s. Sielwolf offered real industrialcore. A band from Frankfurt left a perfect, continental response to Ministry or Godflesh. In addition to the mentioned inspirations, they affixed mandatory doze of dirt, post avant-garde attitude, staight from kraut tradition. Sielwolf sampled Test Dept and Slayer. Somewhere between those poles one can find the concept of the band from Frankfurt encapsulated. Their masterful album was Metastasen, linking harshness of the borrowed riffs with sophistication. Waste machine – Sielwolf masterly crossed the experiment and simple plod; nightstorm (Nachtstrom) with yawp, meat with liquid crystal. Sielwolf’s artwork often referred to the cinema, you can feel here Videodrome by David Cronenberg, as well as lonely huntings of Dirty Harry. Drone-like, dub ill-dustrial of the next album V was produced by Mick Harris of Scorn (former drummer of Napalm Death). In the middle 90s Sielwolf remained quiet for years. After a long period of absence they returned as Sielwolf & Nam-Khar. This transformation brought looped spatial ritual music. The new music did not lose its industriality – intensity and power.

(First time live in Germany)
Contemplatron from Poland, is inspired by the roots of tibetan ritual music. They will play for the first time live, supported by the member of BÖN Johny Yul.

The Greek-originated word “holotrop” (which may be translated into “striving for the whole”), was first used by the prominent Czech psychologist Stanislav Grof – the creator of transpersonal psychology and a pioneer of research into therapeutical applications of altered states of consciousness. It was his concept that inspired the name of the ritualistic psychedelic project of Tino Seibt, who draws on Grof’s ideas, shamen’s knowledge and his own trips, both in the real world and the psychedelic ones, as well as teachings of altered states of consciousness, to try using sounds and music to evoke visions in normal conditions unattainable by the human psyche. Thanks to the unique combination of sounds of electronic and acoustic instruments, Holotrop explores the boundaries between reality and dream, intellect and feelings, ecstasy and meditation.

After show party:
DJ Martyn Flesh and Disorder

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