Twenty Four Hours ♥ Kulturkalender für Berlin empfiehlt:

2. September 2017 um 21:00

Satanic Rituals | Four Is Forever

Ein postmoderner Ritus aus Musik, Feuer, Bild und Tanz.
Tief unten, im Keller der vulgär pulsierenden Stadt.

What is God and what is Devil? What is holy and what is sinful? Is BDSM just an act of sexuality or is it also an act of art? Does religion awake the sublime or the will to devote to a higher creature and it’s power? Those questions inspired and brought to life a multi-artistic performance consisting of sound work and video images from religious ceremonies, live music and SM action. It is a mixture of art and pain, which will make you think – what we are believe in and what we are suffering for. It is a beauty of supremacy and a pain of the whip of God.

The Whip of God | Sound- Video- & Bodyart: Aktionskunst zwischen BDSM und Religion, inszeniert von dem Violonisten Aletchko

Mosetha & Liob | Tanz: Frau Tod und der Jüngling
MM | Performance: Brennende Körper
Knismo & nodoj | Kinky Chefs: Erlesene Knabbereien

DJ Jan Canto | dark [rock|metal|pagan|electro]
DJ Hekate | apocalyptic ritual sounds
DJ Marvin | 80er, Dark Wave, EBM

Dresscode: black as coal, black as night

Einzelperson: 30 € / Paar: 50 € / Trio: 75 €

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