Twenty Four Hours ♥ Kulturkalender für Berlin empfiehlt:

5. August 2017 um 22:00

DJ: Paulina Panik
vinyl records night: alternative, rock, industrial, wave and 80’s

From the clubs of Poland to the backstages of Astoria London, Paulina Panik has been working in the music industry around Europe since the early 2000’s with a particular will to make resonate the sound of the underground.
She helped out many young artists, booking and promoting the music culture. Now relocated in Berlin she started to DJ her unique taste in music at various locations, where she plays the best from new wave, rock, electro and indie with a twist of lemon, class and attitude.

In between music aficionados’ favorites like Soft Cell «Seedy Films», Theme from S-Express, The Sound or Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode, don’t be surprise to discover jewels from Drab Majesty, White Hills or A Place To Burry Strangers.
Ready for a trip?

Text & Image: Stéphane Hérve

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