Twenty Four Hours ♥ Kulturkalender für Berlin empfiehlt:

27. April 2019 um 23:00 – 28. April 2019 um 6:00

Passion of Lovers, Berlins Post-punk, Cold Wave, Batcave, Goth and Deathrock  Night,



DJ: Ilija (Duncker, Passion of Lovers, MonsterTanz,Swango Fandango ex Frank the Baptist)

Focusing on the Modern on Postpunk, Cold wave, 80s Guitar Wave Classix, Deathrock and Punk.


Crudelia von Grimm, Wellknown as a Designer and DJ with Worldwide reputation

Focusing on classix like: Siouxsie, X mal Deutschland, Christian Death. Deathrock, Batcave and Classic Goth Rock.



Actors: We dont have to dance

Motorama: Heavy Wave

She Past Away: Asimilation

Madrugada: Hold on to you

Ascetic: We are not all dead yet

Bauhaus: Passion of Lovers

Frustration: Blind

UV Pop: Serious

The Missision: Naked and Savage

Lebanon Hanover-Kiss me till my lips fall of

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