Twenty Four Hours ♥ Kulturkalender für Berlin empfiehlt:

5. September 2017 um 20:00

24 years of annihilating ears and insides.
Genre = Obliterate. Sludge, black, grind, thrash, death, crust, doom, combine. Notoriously nomadic, live in their tourbus. ALWAYS ON TOUR!

Jucifer formed in 1993 but after touring regularly through the mid and late 90’s, has been touring year round since the year 2000, when they moved into their tour vehicle to facilitate „playing as many shows as we can“.  Since then the band plays hundreds of shows annually, covering up to 34 countries in a single year.

Early 2015 saw Jucifer traversing the West and Midwest United States. In July the band joined Black Cobra on an extensive Australia tour dubbed „Twins of Evil“.

A split 7″ with Japan’s Sete Star Sept was released in July via French label Witch Bukkake,  LP version of Jucifer’s last album District Dystopia was released in October 2015 courtesy of Alternative Tentacles.

In summer Jucifer began work on their next full length as well as recording for several side projects and a biopic, then toured in North America through early 2016 followed by a massive 27-country tour of Europe, UK and Russia from March through July.   Festivals included Destroy the Humanity Fest (Moscow), Roadburn (Netherlands), SWR Barroselas Metalfest (Portugal), and Temples Festival (England).

August 2016 saw Jucifer back to the states for Psycho Las Vegas Festival, followed by their ‚Autumn Destruction‘ US tour.  In November, guitarist/vocalist and historical liner notes author Gazelle Amber Valentine had a new essay published as part of the anthology ‚Spirits of Place‘ (Daily Grail) alongside veteran writers Alan Moore and Warren Ellis.

So far during 2017, US audiences have witnessed ‚Spring Deafening‘.

(c) Shelby Amanda Lee

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