Twenty Four Hours ♥ Kulturkalender für Berlin empfiehlt:

4. September 2017 um 19:00

Eventmanagement-ffm und Electronic Transformers Tour präsentieren Decoded Feedback – Official Base aus Canada und ROOT4 sowie Dark Side Eons aus Polen in Europa!

Wer Lust auf Party hat darf das nicht verpassen! Denn wir machen PARTY!
Decoded Feedback, the ever-evolving duo comprised of Marco Biagiotti and Yone Dudas, burst onto the industrial scene in the mid-nineties. This creative team brought together all the elements and contrasts that exist between the sexes, and at the same time using their diverse backgrounds, European and Canadian, to successfully create their own unique sound. In the beginning, their goal was to combine the spirit of punk with the cold perfection of electronic music, but as time went on, their sound developed more into the dark electro-industrial sound they embrace today. Their aggressive blend of dark melodies and harsh bass lines has proven to be a powerful combination. After releasing numerous critically acclaimed albums such as Bio-Vital (1998), Shockwave (2003), Aftermath (2010), and hit songs Bio-Vital (1998), Phoenix (2003), Silent Killer (2010), and Another Loss (2012), they have earned the respect of the industrial community and garnished many more fans worldwide. Marco and Yone have also had tremendous success on the stage and played many major festivals in Europe, North and South America, and Russia. With a deep catalogue of 9 albums, 2 singles and 2 EPs, a live show refined from years of performance and enthusiasm, the future is looking very bright. Their most recent highly anticipated releases Waiting for the Storm (single 2016) and Dark Passenger (album 2016) both hit the German Alternative Charts (DAC) and the German Electronic Web Charts (GEWC) at #1. With an upcoming appearance at the prestigious Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Germany followed by a full-length European tour in the fall, 2017 is poised to become Decoded Feedback’s most successful year-to-date.

ROOT4 – the unique sound is a blend of electro and parts of EBM.
The aggressive, „in-yer-face“ stage presence makes ROOT4 one of the most striking acts of the electro scene. Live drumming is part of the program, and ROOT4 does not hesitate to experiment effectively with instruments that are rather unusual for this genre, overwhelming audiences with innovative sounds and tough-as-nails beats.
The band’s performance, the expressive vocals and the versatile synthie-sounds make for an intense and captivating experience, and the songs have a way of etching their way deep into the listener’s mind.
Dark Side Eons
Dark Side Eons is a duo from Poland playing Electro-Industrial / Dark Wave / Electro Wave. Leszek „Morph“ Trzaska (vocals, guitar, compositions) was a singer and bassist in many metal / hard rock projects since year 2000 and he created Dark Side Eons in 2012. Kate „Moonskin“ Trzaska (synthesizer / programming) joined the band in 2014 and in the same year Dark Side Eons started to play first live shows. Musical style was crystalized in 2015 after many days of hard work under the sounds and melodies, the same year Kate and Leszek created most of the songs for their first release. Dark Side Eons played many gigs in years 2015 – 2016, always with possitive feedback, and in 2016 band has won an opportunity to play on the biggest gothic festiwal in Austria – Schattenwelt Festival 2016. In 2017 the band will be playing at Castle Party Festival in Poland.
Music of Dark Side Eons is multidimensional, each song is a story, a journey through time, dimensions, and the endless, cold universe. Kate and Leszek take their inspirations not only from electronic music, they are also big fans of minimal wave, dark wave, cold wave, gothic rock and post-punk music. These inspirations can be heard in their compositions, and this is something that makes their style unique.
Candida Kandinskij
Candida Kandinskij is a multimedia project entirely thought by the Italian artist Giovanni De Benedetto (Udine, Italy 1989).
He works with music and visual media and his research regards the impact that his works have to the audience.
During the last 6 years Giovanni released “Premature”, his debut full length album, and he developed 3 multimedia projects built up by photos, video and music, which they are called:
Under Epiderma (2010) photos, video-clip and music exhibition
PREMATURE (2013) photos and video art exhibition
FIX – The Face Is A Coded Canvas (2015) video art and electronic live set

Regarding the musical aspect of “Premature”, it is an industrial rock album which mixes together an apparently clear sound with claustrophobic riffs where the listener is captured in this synthetic world.
The album merges three different media as music, photography and video-art given that each song is correlated with its specific image and the video art film “PREMATURE # 15” is displayed on the background during the live shows.
Candida Kandinskij borns as one man band project but, for the gigs, Giovanni hired a second performer for playing synths and samples while he sings and plays guitar. Among 2013 and 2014 he toured around the north of Italy and he won a contest for emerging bands. This award gave him the opportunity to play at famous Far East Film Festival 16 in 2014.
About the visual aspect of Premature, it is an abstract work mainly formed by the experimental use of paint and photography and only in 2015 it has been exhibited in Paris (France) at Louvre Museum, two times in Venice (Italy) at Palazzo Ca‘ Zanardi and at Venice Art House Gallery, in Bangkok (Thailand) at The Ferry Gallery, in Klodzko (Poland) at Christian Centre for Culture and in Miami (USA) at the Scope International Art Show.
Asides from Premature and its live shows and exhibitions, in 2015 Giovanni has been selected by “It’s LIQUID” Group and “International ArtExpo” as performer artist to take part in the SELF Festival in Venice, a collateral Biennale of Venice’s festival. For this event Giovanni developed a new multimedia project called “FIX – The Face Is A Coded Canvas” formed by a new electronic live set played together with a new video art film.
Finally, from 2015 he started working together with his manager Nicoletta Guerino and from 2016 the producer Matresanch started to take part on the project as stage coordinator and keyboard player during the rock gigs.
About his academic studies, Giovanni was graduated in Bologna at the Music Academy Europe (2011 – 2014 National Diploma course Level 3) and from September 2014 he is studying electronic music production at dBs Music in Berlin.

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